• 2019
  • Appaloosa


A long trip, the past and the present crossing the same road.

With CROSSING Francesco ideally brings Robert Johnson and his legendary pieces to the Mediterranean through his voice and the slide of his electric guitar, colors them with African and Middle Eastern percussion, Arabic and Greek strings, electronics and ancestral sounds of Sardinia (launeddas and singing a tenore).
“In this musical journey I dreamed of bringing Robert Johnson here, in the middle of the Mediterranean. I tried to mix the main route of the Mississippi blues with the African percussions, the ancestral sounds of my island, Sardinia, with the strings of oud and bouzuki that vibrate on the shores of the Mare Nostrum. All contaminated by a pinch of electronics to revive it in our days. This is my CROSSING.”

The new album is enhanced by the presence of prestigious guests such as Antonello Salis, Gavino Murgia, Gino Marielli of Tazenda, Marco Pandolfi, Bruno Piccinnu and Franziscu Pilu of Cordas et Cannas, DJ Cris and Lino Muoio. A sound synthesis that represents the mixture of cultures that accompany and enrich man from his appearance on Earth to the present day.

CROSSING – The Music Of Robert Johnson, from an idea and support of The Blues Place, has been arranged by Francesco Piu, recordings, mixes and masters are by Giuseppe Loriga of Geppo Studio, Sassari.